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Thomas Keble

Thomas Keble School have worked closely with Rush Skate Park for the last three years.  We have so many pupils who take part in activities such as BMX and Scooting so to have one of the best facilities in Europe of it's kind on our doorstep is just amazing.  We have found our pupils absolutely love going to Rush and taking part in recreational sessions as well as coaching and competition events.

The school has now invited Rush to come to our Sports Fair for the last two years and they have been superb in attending this.  Hundreds of pupils and parents have been amazed by their incredible tricks and skills.

We now regularly attend the Rebel Jam - a competition aimed at schools - and have entered teams for nearly all the different disciplines.  The facilities are stunning and are an inspiration to everyone who attends.  Both Michelle and Jerry, the owners, have been brilliant in liaising with local schools and giving our pupils the opportunities to get involved at their facility.

We simply cannot speak highly enough of the quality of provision Rush has given to the local area and beyond.

Glenn Price

Head of PE

Thomas Keble School  


Beaudesert Park School

“We organise 30+ extra-curricular activities for the children here at Beaudesert to choose from, and a weekly trip to Rush is definitely one of the most popular.   It looks incredible, it's exciting and challenging, it caters for all abilities, and it's pretty much on our doorstep.  It's a great example of how to make exercise fun, and we feel very lucky to be able to use it”. 

Euan Craig, Head of Geography and Activities Coordinator, Beaudesert Park School.

Allsorts Disabled Group

“RUSH Skatepark gives Allsorts members the chance to enjoy the thrill of BMX, Scootering, Skateboarding or Wheelchair-ing (!) around RUSH’s outstanding facilities, whilst meeting new people and socialising with friends. The warm & welcoming environment make the sessions simply unique to young people with disabilities or additional needs, who may not feel comfortable in mainstream RUSH sessions. A trusted team of Allsorts staff & volunteers – combined with the exceptional team of marshals at RUSH – make for a truly inclusive session whereupon all young people up until the age of 25 with disabilities or additional needs (and siblings) are welcome, and challenged to learn new skills that push them beyond their comfort zones!”