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First T Scooter Competition

On Saturday 13th April, First T Scooters are hosting their competition right here at Rush Skate Park.

The competition categories are as follows: (If you have a query with which category to enter, please to speak to a member of the First T staff on the day).

  • Under 10s

  • Under 13s

  • Over 13s

The competition will run based on the following format: (Dependent on numbers). The competition will take place in the main park section.

  • Jam based qualifier round with 3 - 5 riders in the park at once. This will be timed with 1 minute per rider. Eg. 3 riders = 3 min jam, 4 riders = 4 min jam and so on…

  • Round 2 will be run based. Each rider will be given the chance to perform 2, 50 second runs within the park section of Rush Skate Park. This will be judged on ‘Style’, ‘Difficulty’, ‘Use of Park’ and ‘Flow’.

Style - How the tricks and overall run looks. Clean runs with smoothly landed tricks will net you a good score. Quirky tricks and unique ways of performing your run will also pay off in this category. Sketchy landings will not score as highly.

Difficulty - The overall difficulty of your tricks and run. Bigger airs, higher jumps, longer gaps and more complicated / technical tricks all go toward your difficulty score. Aim to go big!

Use of Park - Use as much of the park section as you can to build up your point score. The judges want to see you hit as much of the park as possible in your run, try and throw a trick over everything you can.

Flow - How you get from A - B - C etc… Making your run look effortless goes a long way in a competition! You will get points based on how well you connect your run together, flowing around the park with more speed and without stopping will allow you to earn higher in this often overlooked points category.

Entering a competition is all about having fun, so the most important rule is to enjoy yourselves!

Please make note that all competitors, even those over the age of 18, must be wearing a correctly fitted helmet to compete.

The First T scooter competition is a Scooter Only event.

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