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Scooter Open Aftermath!

Scooter Open Aftermath!

Posted on Jul 20, 2017 by BenWilkinson in Scooter, Competition, Open Series, News

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On Saturday 15th July, Rush Skatepark hosted its first ever 'Scooter Open' competition which saw dozens of scooter riders descend upon Brimscombe, Stroud, many of who would be getting prepared to compete in what was going to be a very tight competition! 

At Rush we like to do things a little differently, so we came up with a completely fresh and unique competition format that was designed to push PRO riders to their limits, while also allowing younger, newer riders, a more gentle introduction into the world of competition. 

We thought that three categories would do the job just fine; the Under 10s category would provide a light introduction to scooter competition in which the riders would compete only in the park section of Rush; the Intermediate category, which would turn out to be the most popular with over 50 riders signed up to compete, would challenge riders to step up their game as they would be required to ride in the park and the street section; and finally, the Open category, open to all riders and with the greatest rewards up for grabs. This would be the category in which the PRO riders would battle it out for their share of the £150 cash prize pool, and would see big name riders such as Jamie Hull, Leo Spencer and the current world champion, Dante Hutchinson, going head to head in all three of Rush Skateparks sections, the Street, Park and Bowl. Only the best would come out on top in each section, and there was all to play for!

The day kicked off with the under 10s park competition, in which 11 young riders entered and competed in their first ever competition. Each of them performed extremely well and should all be proud of themselves and how well they rode. The competition was very close indeed, as each rider put everything they had into their runs. In the end, Jack Elston came out with the highest score of 42, netting him 1st place, and was followed closely by Oscar Duncombe-Bull, 2nd with 41 points and Gary McMurray in 3rd with 40 points! (Full results available on our website).


Under 10s Winners: (Left to Right): Oscar Duncombe-Bull (2nd), Jack Elston (1st), Gary McMurray (3rd)  


Next in the running was the intermediate park competition. This was by far the largest category with 50 riders on the competition roster! The park section would be part one of their competition, as in order to win this category, they would also need to perform a solid run in the street section. This category saw the riders step up the plate, with tricks such a flairs, buttercups and kickless rewinds being chucked around like nothing! These riders were certainly putting themselves through their paces and were sending bigger, more flowy tricks as time went on. After the park section, the Intermediates were faced with the challenge of conquering the street section. For some of these riders this was definitely a more challenging prospect, but despite this, everyone rose to the challenge and sent just as hard as they did in the park section! After combining the judges scores together, we had our Intermediates podium: James Gellatly came in 1st place with 141.5pts, Tyler Lawson came 2nd with 137pts and Thomas Lewis grabbed 3rd with 134.5pts.


Intermediate Winners: (Left to Right): Tyler Lawson (2nd), James Gellatly (1st), Thomas Lewis (3rd)


Last but not least was the Open category. This would see some of the scooter industries giants go head to head in each of Rush Skateparks competition grade sections to compete for the Rush Open crown. The park comp was just as ridiculous as we expected, with riders throwing the most insane combos with extreme consistency. Flip drops, bri buttercups, nothing front scooter flips and other high-level tricks made the judging difficult to call, but thankfully for the judges, there were still two more section for the PROs to ride and prove their overall supremacy. In the street, rails were session, flat banks were demolished and some really different and creative lines were performed, all in the hope of boosting their scores above that of their competitors. The street comp concluded with the results being even closer than before, and the riders moved on into the bowl section with the knowledge that this run would be their final chance to clinch the title. In the end, it was an incredible, almost perfect run, which included an amazingly clean backflip drop in from the extension above the bowl, by Dante Hutchinson that secured his win. Leo Spencer came in second place and Jamie Hull pulled up in 3rd! In fact, the competition was so close that Dante only beat Leo by 0.5pts, bearing in mind that the competition was out of 300pts, it literally couldn’t have been any closer!  


Winners: (Left to Right) : Leo Spencer (2nd), Dante Hutchinson (1st), Jamie Hull (3rd)

The day concluded with a throw out and signing session which was conducted by the awesome RampIt UK and this saw a fitting end to what we think was a great day.

Again we would like to thank everyone for coming to the event and supporting Rush Skatepark, and we can’t wait to get round two on the go and see if our competition winners can maintain their titles as Rush Open champions!  

 More photos below! 


                       Alfie Mann - Briflip Air



                                                                   Nathaneil West - Frontflip No Hander



       Dante Hutchinson - Inward Briflip


Leo Spencer - Whip Front Scooter Flip


 Jamie Hull - Full Whip



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