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Scoot GB & ISA Qualifiers: Scooter ONLY Event

Scoot GB & ISA Qualifiers: Scooter ONLY Event

Posted on Apr 01, 2016 by BenWilkinson in Scooter, Scoot GB, ISA

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On Saturday 9th April we will be hosting the Scoot GB and ISA UK qualifiers. This is an extrmely popular event in the Scooter calendar and attracts some of the best competative riders from across the UK. If you are thinking of coming, or already know you are, this article will explain what you need to know about the day: (If you need to book, please click here). This is a Scooter ONLY event. 

This event will run from 11am-7pm on Saturday 9th April and it will cost £20 to ride on the day, regardless of whether or not you ride in the competetion. 

The competetion catagories are as follows: 

- Beginners Under 8s 

- Beginners Under 12s 

- Novice

- Intermediate 

- Pro/Elite 

- ISA Qualifier Event 

The events will run in the above order on the day and the main section will be closed to you if it is not your catagory currently in session, unless otherwise stated by officials on the day. 

If you need more information, give a call on: 01453 889457

For directions to the park, check out our 'Plan Your Visit' page! 

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