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Rush Review - Logic Spur Wheel 110mm

Rush Review - Logic Spur Wheel 110mm

Posted on Mar 05, 2016 by BenWilkinson in Scooter, Review

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Rush Review: Logic Spur Wheels 110mm


First Look and Installation:


My first impression of the Logic Spur wheel was that it came nicely presented in a branded Logic box and that it came pre-equipped with some smooth ABEC 9 bearings, meaning that I would not have to faff around installing bearings myself before I could ride. This is great, as it cuts down on the installation time and means that you can get riding nice and fast.


Aesthetically, I feel that these wheels stand out with a nice overall design and some really good colour choices. I went with the blue spur wheels as they nicely compliment my current set-up, but the Logic Spur wheels also come in red, purple, silver and the blue that I tested. 

The Ride:

Immediately I noticed how smooth the wheels were.  They wear in very fast which allows you to ride them hard straight away, and the pre-installed ABEC 9 bearings provide a smooth and speedy ride.  The Logic Spur wheels are also pretty strong. They withstood my flat land test, which involves landing flat over Rush Skate Parks jump box and hopping down the 10 set to concrete. I did these tests several times, and the wheels stayed strong, so some solid points there. The one downside I found with these wheels is that the rubber on the sides of the wheels tends to wear out pretty quickly, making sideways landers and diagonal drop-ins harder to stick.


Other than that, I think that the Logic Spur 110mm wheels are a great addition to any set up and will last you a considerable amount of time, as long as you don’t land sideways too often. Their durability makes them well worth the £20ea price and on top of that they look pretty cool as well!


Installation: 9/10 – The wheels are easy to set up onto your scooter and come equipped with ABEC 9 bearings straight out of the box!

Looks and Cost: 8/10 – Some nice colour choices and a unique core design allow these wheels to look good on any set up, and the £20 price tag sets these wheel apart from some of its competitors!        

The Ride: 8/10 – Very durable when landing flat and can withstand pressure from large drops. Rubber wears quickly on the edge if you land sideways a lot, otherwise a nice strong wheel.


Overall: 25/30 – Easy to install, looks great, and can take a punch, but not if you hit it from the side. 


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